Is That Varma's Strategy For Lakshmi's NTR?

In the Trailer 2 of Lakshmi's NTR, Ram Gopal Varma held Chandrababu Naidu and NTR Family responsible for the insults faced by NT Rama Rao in the fag end of his life. He didn't make any attempts to tone down the controversial aspects or use different names for the real life personalities.

RGV believes controversies would only make more number of people take Lakshmi's NTR seriously. He seems to be leaving no stone unturned to provoke TDP Batch. Particularly, The sequence in which Chandrababu Naidu swears on his Son Nara Lokesh.

Releasing Lakshmi's NTR on March 22nd is a strategic move by Ram Gopal Varma. By then, Election Notification will be arriving & TDP Government wouldn't have much control over the state. Once after the Election Code comes into effect, Election Commission will be dictating terms to the Police Force and Government Authorities. Neither TDP Leaders nor Party Activists could pose any big problems to the release of the controversial flick in such a situation.

TDP Sympathisers and Haters are keen to watch Lakshmi's NTR to know how Ram Gopal Varma has presented the life journey of Legendary Personality.