The Reason Behind RGV's Backstep!

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Ram Gopal Varma known for his eccentric and controversial tweets made a shocking tweet yesterday that his next film is titled 'Mega Family'. This became a sensation in social media and made everyone wait for his next update. Much to everyone's disbelief, he said that he will not be making this movie and dropped the idea of it by giving some silly reason.

As everyone is aware of RGV, he is not the kind of guy who backs out of a project just because of some threat. He made even more daring films like 'Raktha Charitra' and 'Vangaveeti' in the past. He even made a bold film with Mia Malkova despite the agitations of women's associations. This is why everyone is curious to know why did a daring person like Varma drop this project in a single night. Is this because of some pressure by very powerful men in Telugu states?

Varma always had a love-hate relationship with the Mega family. His constant sarcastic remarks on Pawan Kalyan and his political life made him a of his fans. He didn't even spare Megastar Chiranjeevi and Nagababu as he commented on every one of them and thereby pulling Mega fans' legs. So, announcing a film named 'Mega Family' certainly became a hot topic. Then, announcing that he is not making it by morning looks quite suspicious. While some say it is a publicity stunt for his upcoming film, some others claim that some powerful hands forced this decision from Varma by convincing or threatening him. Only RGV knows the truth!

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