Not Just Disha, Even Renuka Is A Victim!

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Disha & her Family received justice with the encounter of four Rapists. What about the injustice happened to families of the accused, especially the wife of Chennakesavulu? This is what Ram Gopal Varma questions about the meeting with the Teenager.

On Sunday, Ram Gopal Varma met Renuka who is the Wife of one of the accused Chennakesavulu. 'Renuka was married to Chennakesavulu at the age of 16. She is going to give birth to a child at the age of 17 itself. Not just Disha, Even Renuka is also a victim of Bastard Chennakesavulu. Because, She is a child giving birth to a child and both have no future,' he said post the meeting.

After the encounter of Chennakesavulu and three other rapists, Renuka demanded the Telangana Government to do justice for her. She complained that her life got spoiled inspite of no fault of her and placed few demands to secure her future. Demands placed by Renuka weren't even considered by the State Government.

Public will really appreciate if Varma does something for Renuka instead of just showing sympathy or expressing his anguish. Would he contribute to the best of his ability for the one in a dire state?
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