RGV Asks Jonnavitthula To Enjoy With A Woman!

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People who are surprised looking at the headline, please don't mind us using it. We don't have any ounce of bad bone against any person and we respect the persons whom we are writing about.

Ram Gopal Varma used the exact words that we used as a headline on social media. He tweeted, "Oh my dear Jonna, I saw your video kissy boy. Please at least once in 15 years enjoy with a woman, baby. If you don't, you will die due to frustration. I wonder how your wife and children are tolerating you? I pity them sweetheart. Still I Love Da (we translated the Telugu words that RGV used in his tweet into English)"

The background for RGV coming out and tweeting like this is, Jonnavitthula participated in a discussion on television channel.

When anchor asked the famous Telugu writer to talk about Kamma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Reddlu movie, RGV started looking at his phone when the writer started talking.

Writer got offended by this action of RGV and he lost his cool. He shouted saying that if RGV doesn't like to hear him speaking, he shouldn't have come on live or at least said that to his face that he isn't interested in listening to him rather than acting so recklessly.

Jonnavitthula further expressed his anger in harsh words against RGV calling him a man who makes movies just to rise controversies. He also called RGV a mockster who thinks he is an intelligent but who tries to find easy ways to make money.

Later he went on to say that RGV is the real Pappu Varma for making such bad movies even after being a talented and intelligent person. The writer got offended for RGV  calling him a "Chowdary" and said that he will make RGV's biopic with title, "Pappu Varma".

So, RGV responded to Jonnavitthula in the above manner. Already the movie, Kamma Rajyam lo Kadapa Reddlu is getting more political and media attraction.

With such word wars and sarcastic tweets, RGV will only achieve more media attention than any real buzz for the film. There is a high chance that people look to really boycott his films, if he keeps continuing such tactics, one feels so.

Jonnavitthula Ramalingeswara Rao might not be a hot name like him, but he as a writer gained name in Telugu literary circles. This sarcasm might just hurt more people and unite them against RGV. Or people might just start ignoring RGV, which the director is definitely not hoping for.

While making a political satire film is not objectionable, trying to say it is non-controversial on one hand and raising such controversies shows diabolical nature, which definitely is not endorsable.


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