Do You Know Who Played NTR In Lakshmi's NTR?

Ram Gopal Verma took a big risk by going against a person like NCBN to show the history of rebellion in TDP or now known as "Vennupotu"(The big Backstabbing!)

His film, Lakshmi's NTR is said to be releasing just before elections on 29th March. Now, many have been wondering who is the actor who played NTR in the film.

RGV revealed finally that the actor's name is Vijay kumar. He is a theatre actor and RGV took him under his wing to give him 2 months workshop it seems, in acting as NTR.

Many felt Balakrishna took playing as NTR too easy and believed that he can pull off young roles too, which he couldn't in fact.

But RGV took perfect choice to play even older NTR and that is again winning him praises like the time when he introduced Sandeep Bharadwaj to play, Veerappan, in Killing Veerappan.

Let's wait if the actor and RGV could pull off complete 2 hours films as 2 minutes trailers from RGV have mostly been engaging.