OMG! RGV Hires PK Dupe For #KRKR!!

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You could always expect sensational stuff from Ram Gopal Varma. What he did now is beyond anyone's imagination..!

Sharing a picture of Pawan Kalyan lookalike, Varma questioned: 'Can anybody guess which role this new actor is playing in KAMMA RAJYAM LO KADAPA REDDLU?'.

This photograph of the PK Dupe has gone viral on social media. Mega Fans were irked to see such an unexpected offering from RGV. Until now, Telugu People assumed Varma would focus more on TDP (Kamma) versus YCP (Reddy) aspect. He did surprise everyone by tracing a Pawan Kalyan lookalike and casting him in the controversial flick. Could you believe it? RGV preferred to release the picture on Chiranjeevi's 64th Birthday. What a timing this has been?

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