RGV Arrested In Vijayawada & Shifted To Airport!

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Lakshmi's NTR is slated to release in Andhra Pradesh on May 1st, 2019. Ram Gopal Varma thought of holding a press meet in Vijayawada ahead of the release. After few popular hotels in the city denied permission for the press conference due to threats, The Filmmaker decided to hold the media interaction on the road itself. He preferred Pipes Road at NTR Circle for sensational press meet scheduled to begin at 4 pm on Sunday.

Today, RGV landed in Gannavaram Airport along with Producer Rakesh Reddy. They were stopped at Prakash Nagar Centre by Cops who asked them to go back to Hyderabad as their presence could lead to Law & Order Situation. However, RGV made it clear he would hold the press meet in Vijayawada at any cost. He questioned why the Cops have been stopping them from promoting their movie. Later, RGV and Rakesh Reddy were forcibly shifted to the Gannavaram Airport.

In his Facebook video, Varma conveyed: 'I am in police custody now for the only crime of trying to tell truth ..There is no democracy in Andhra Pradesh. We were neither allowed to stay in Vijayawada nor hold the press meet. I don't know what prompted the Police to do this. Police Department have the responsibility to maintain Law & Order. But, How could they prevent us from staying in Vijayawada? Myself and My Producer questioned the Cops but they refused to answer. We were dropped in the Gannavaram Airport against our will'.

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