RGV's Press Meet On The Road At NTR Circle

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Ram Gopal Varma declared he is going to convene a press conference at 4 PM on Sunday. The venue he preferred for the media interaction has become a sensation.

Varma will be holding the press meet on the road itself. It's going to be at Pipes Road near NTR Circle. The Filmmaker extended invitation to Mediapersons, True Fans, All the people who love him and to all the people who respect Nizza.

Actually, The initial plan was to hold the press meet in Novotel Hotel in Vijayawada. However, Hotel Management denied permission for the press conference upon receiving a stern warning. Even rest of the Hotels including Hotel Ilapuram didn't dare to permit the press conference on Lakshmi's NTR even after paying advance. Finally, RGV decided to hold the press conference on the road itself. 'The people in power should understand that one can misuse power to delay, but no one can stop truth. Ready to be front stabbed in telling the back-stabbing truth of #LakshmisNTR,' he asserts.

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