Star Heroine's Death Affected Director Badly

Ram Gopal Varma claims himself to be the great admirer of the star heroine Sridevi. RGV is always first in commenting, reacting and sharing things about Sridevi and her movies. Having worked with the actress multiple times, RGV revealed why he has great admiration for her. But, when the actress breathed her last, Ramu's life halted for a while and he was totally shocked that death can take over Sridevi as well. Recently, in an interview, Ramu opened up on how he reacted to her death.

The anchor asked RGV about how he accepted the news and what went through his mind when he came across her death news. "I was really affected about her demise. There is no doubt about it. I always saw her as an Angel and printed the same on my mind. I always feel that she is not just another human being. I was a teenager when I directed Kshana KShanam with her. When I came to know that she is no more, it affected me badly. I could not accept the fact that she is also a human who has to bend for the death." said RGV.

When asked about his interest in making a biopic on the actress, RGV revealed saying, "No. There is no such plan. The main reason for this is that any actress who would be on board to play her will appear small compared to what she actually was."

Looks like Ram Gopal Varma is still not out of her favorite actress death.