Ram Charan Helps Prabhas Producers In Reducing Costs!

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Prabhas has become a Pan India star actor and his films budgets have shot up correspondingly, as well. The actor decided to take much care in script selection after a set back like Saaho.

Even though it proved his market in Hindi belts, movie did not satisfy his fans or common audiences in other languages. It even ended up making losses to buyers.

So, UV Creations who are producers of his next film, Jaan too, have decided to cut production cost, without comprising on quality. They found their long term friend, Ram Charan has a saviour.

The young actor pulled a big budget film like Sye Raa within the Budget limits and he used several techniques that Hollywood studios employee to achieve it.

Hollywood studios bought their own land in different states of USA for shooting purposes. There they mount outdoor sets and shoot big action set pieces which they cannot shoot on location.

This way, they reduce rents and has they have floors occupied by TV shows, quite regularly, they won't have to worry about scheduling conflicts as well.

Ram Charan bought land in Kokapet and he used the entire acres of land to build village sets for the film. Which they couldn't build at the place, were shot at the popular studio, by simply re-assembling the set at studio, rather than constructing it from scratch, which will take more time.

Now, Ravinder Reddy production designer of Prabhas's film went a step ahead and built a warehouse at the land taken on lease by UV Creations to build sets and this one can be used as a sound floor for the film, like a mini studio. If they have to go and shoot the sequences at a studio next, they are planning to dismantle here and re-assemble  the set at a studio floor.

Ram Charan did not just give UV the idea, but he also helped them lease the land from his friend. As the land is close to city, the cost for travelling is also reduced. On top of it, the team constructed a mini village there for regular team to live and cook food, daily, for the number of days they have to shoot like SS Rajamouli.

As per the reports, from a huge expenditure of 30-35 crores on sets, this arrangement has brought down the cost to 6 crores, thereby saving solid 20-25 crores for producers.
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