Chiranjeevi Never Put Koratala Script On Hold!

Ram Charan is not ready to let any rumours that put Chiranjeevi in a bad light to spread as much as they used to earlier.

He is okay, if people talk anything about him but his family or his father are seen in any sort of bad light ever so slightly, he is making it an habit to defend and tell his side of the story.

Recently, a rumour has come out that Chiranjeevi asked Koratala Siva to scrap his script and come up with a new one.

Ram Charan clarified that never Chiranjeevi asked for such a change and also he did call him to discuss about an actor choice for an important part.

He also had discussions about some plot issues but in the same script that Koratala came up with and never asked him to scrap or change it entirely, it seems.

Well, Ram Charan and Chiranjeevi seem to be ideal producer and hero combination, where a producer is safeguarding his hero's image in the public eye, without fail!