Charan Anna Brainwashed Prince Babu

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The recent comments of Varun Tej on Chiranjeevi Biopic made everyone wonder whether Mega Heroes learnt anything from the disastrous result of NTR Biopic. When he was asked about the biopic of Megastar, Mega Prince declared that he would be the first person to sign it if Charan Anna isn't interested in doing the prestigious project.

As per sources, The statement issued by Varun Tej hasn't gone down well with Ram Charan. Mega Powerstar brainwashed his Younger Brother by saying, 'We are yet to attain the stature to play Megastar onscreen. Our first priority should be to prove our acting calibre and safeguard the reputation Dad has built over the past few decades. Its too early to talk about Megastar biopic'.

A clear difference could be seen in the thought process of Mega Brothers. While the Elder One reacted in a responsible manner, The Young One hurried up treating it more like a personal achievement. There is a specific time for everything.
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