Rakul Says That People Are Spreading Lies

Rakul Preet Singh has been facing career low period and she wants to bounce back from the situation as soon as she can. But she is not finding such offers that can help her firmly establish her comeback.

Karthi's Dev failure as upset her best plans and even Tollywood is not looking at her at the moment. She is waiting for NGK and Siva Karthikeyan's film releases in Tamil.

She has two more offers in Hindi and the actress is said to be in consideration for Nagarjuna's next. Recently, news reports came out that she increased her remuneration.

The actress countered this by saying, "Someone is trying to spread lies about me. I am not a person to fear such propaganda. I will bounce as high as I can, if you want me to hit and stay on ground!"

She also said that she believes in good Karma and people who have malicious intent against her will suffer looking at her success.