Rajya Sabha Seat For Killi Krupa Rani?

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Killi Krupa Rani was a union minister during UPA 2.0.  But after 2014, she went into a limbo following Congress defeat in the elections. She became completely inactive. Nothing was heard from her. She did not even attend party meetings. Barely a few months before the 2019 elections, she left the Congress to rejoin the YSRCP. But YS Jagan did not give her any seat to contest. He did not want to annoy the loyal party workers who stood by him through the thick and thin and asked her to stand down. Accordingly, she did not contest the elections this time.

During the recent elections, Krupa Rani was not seen actively campaigning for the party. She was largely in the sleep mode during the elections. This has annoyed the YSRCP workers who felt that she was not loyal to the party. Now, if sources are to be believed, she is all set to be given a Rajya Sabha seat. The YSRCP is considering to field her in view of the caste factor. Krupa Rani comes from the politically powerful Kalinga community.

Jagan wants to make her a Rajya Sabha member so that he can win over the community, which has traditionally been with the TDP. He feels that this community can be weaned away from the TD
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