I am not in the BJP trap: Rajini Kanth

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Tamil cinema superstar Rajinikanth has said that some people are trying to give an impression that he is a BJP man which is not true.

"Some people & media are trying to give the impression that I am a BJP man. This isn't true. Any political party will be happy if anyone joins them. But it is on me to take a decision," Rajinikanth said.   

Rajinikanth's statements have come after Tamil Nadu BJP released photos of ancient Tamil poet Tiruvalluvar dressed in saffron. ''Making Thiruvalluvar wear a saffron stole is BJP's agenda. I think all these issues are blown out of proportion. There are issues which are of greater importance which need to be discussed. I think this is a silly issue,'' he said.

Speaking on the Ayodhya verdict which may be out any day, Rajinikanth said, "I appeal to people to remain calm and respect the verdict."
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