Is This Senior Actor Being Fed Only Lies?

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We cannot blame an actor for claiming his or her recent film, a hit. They get feedback from trade sources, producers and people they like.

Some of them tell truth upfront and some try to praise them so much that the actors out of listening to that hype music daily, believe the other person is only their well-wisher, while they remain disconnected from public.

These people do "manage" to stop the truth being told to the actors for various means and sometimes actors try to believe in comfortable lie than truth.

Dr. Rajasekhar could be a person who does both and has both kind of people around him. He agreed many times before media did that his films flopped and never looked to be in denial.

But Kalki and Dorasani teams seem to have made him believe in what he needs to hear than the truth. Kalki from second day did not perform and Dorasani did not get Universal approval.

But in an interview he claimed that he is happy as his daughters said Kalki is a hit and his happiness doubled as his daughter Shivatmika's debut us getting positive response. Unfortunately, both seem to be lies as box office numbers don't agree.