Rajamouli's Epic Reply On RGV's Sarcastic Tweet

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Twitter is fun and it is crazier when you are going through the tweets of maverick director Ram Gopal Varma. His tweets are entertaining, sarcastic, provocating and controversial at times. He is currently busy promoting his 'Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Reddlu' and he released a song about controversial evangelist KA Paul and added a sarcastic comment to it. He even mentioned star director Rajamouli in it and the latter gave a humorous reply and this funny banter is not be missed.

RGV tweeted, "If JOKER is such a big hit in India a biopic on K A PAUL will be bigger than BAHUBALI 3 ..I heard  Rajamouli is already in talks with K A PAUL in Washington D C..This K A PAUL only phoned me and told me". This sarcastic comment caught the attention of Rajamouli and he immediately replied, "Nannu involve cheyyakandi "RAJU" garu". This reply from him is quite witty.

Watching this, RGV again made a funny tweet saying that, "Sir Sir Sir I am not doing ..K A Paul told me that u had lunch with him at TRUMP TOWER and u signed him for BAHUBALI 3 ..I swear this on K A PAUL".
This tweet and replies saga surely brought a lot of smiles across Twitter. As all this chat is over KA Paul, let us wait and see how he gets back at Varma.
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