A Big And Important Schedule For RRR!

The speculations around RRR, the biggest multi-starrer of TFI with Ram Charan and Jr. NTR as leads are huge. The reports that surface around the movie are fascinating and jaw-dropping.

But nothing has been confirmed by the makers and we just can't share everything we hear as it will lead to a bad reputation.

So, we waited for the sources to confirm that Ram Charan and NTR will participate in 45 day long schedule in Kolkata.

Yes, the actors are going for a long schedule with some other actors. But will there be heroines? We haven't heard anything about them.

NTR is still to achieve the look but that schedule is still far ahead and for now, the scenes will not have him in that special look, it seems.

Movie is scheduled for Summer 2020 and Rajamouli is looking to release the movie with no delays and the budget is said to be close 300 crores.