Rahul Ravindran Defends His Film Stupidly

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Director Rahul Ravindran proved to be a sensible filmmaker with a lot of aesthetic values in the craft, with his maiden film Chi La Sow. This brought in a lot of expectations on his second outing Manmadhudu 2, starring Akkineni Nagarjuna. On contrary to the first film, this movie turned out to be a cringe-worthy adult comedy.

Many people wondered how Nag acted in a film filled with a lot of double meaning dialogues. But Rahul is defending the dialogues of the film. He stated that this is the first film in a long time which used the pure Telugu dialogues. Is he thinking that the audience is lame enough to not understand the difference between pure language and a double meaning language?

He said that the families are enjoying this movie, irrespective of the negative talk that is being spread. If the families are receiving it so well, why re the footfalls are very low? Can Rahul reveal the official collections of the film and then start defending his acts? The actor turned director comes forward to give lectures on social media on hypocrisy. What he has been doing is also no less than that. Hope he realizes that soon otherwise this wiseman might not have a long-lasting career in the industry.

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