OMG: Kurien Defeating Rahul, Not Modi!

Here comes a huge setback to Rahul Gandhi who is contesting from Kerala in 2019 Lok Sabha Polls. The English to Malayalam Translation of Congress Chief's Speech by Former Rajya Sabha Chairman PJ Kurien has gone terribly wrong.

Kurien fumbled repeatedly while translating the speech. He ended up conveying what the Congress President hasn't meant. Take A Look At Few Samples...

Rahul) Congress fights against RSS and BJP

Kurien) Congress fights against BJP and CPM

Rahul) I respect the ideologies of Parties including CPM

Kurien) I respect ideas of CPM and BJP

Rahul) Will deposit Rs 72,000 in the accounts of Poor

Kurien) Will deposit Rs 72,000 crore in the accounts of Poor

Upset over being in such a embarrassing situation, Rahul Gandhi cut short his speech saying he would begin learning Malayalam.

Video Footage of the funny 'English to Malayalam' Translation by Kurien led to numerous hilarious memes on the social media. In fact, The speech took the internet by storm and became a nationwide news in no time.

Rahul Gandhi need to blame himself for choosing a wrong person to translate his speech. He should have preferred a good orator rather than a senior most leader for this job. This is something which shouldn't have happened just when Lok Sabha Polls were happening. It's like Kurien taking the responsibility of defeating Rahul Gandhi in 2019 Elections.