Rahul To Become Congress Chief Again?

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Is Rahul Gandhi set to return as the president of the Congress Party again? It appears so. After he left the party's top post, Rahul Gandhi spent more time abroad than in the country. He did not spare much time for the party work and did not even campaign much in the Maharashtra and Haryana elections. Even in Jharkhand, Rahul Gandhi's involvement is minimal. Yet, the party seems to have no alternative but to bank on him.

If party sources are to be believed, Rahul Gandhi will take over in January when the AICC meeting would be held. The party workers will 'unanimously elect' him to the top post once again. Giving an indication of this, a senior member of Rahul's coterie said that Rahul's return is inevitable. "The country needs his leadership at this critical hour. His resignation in July this year was an emotional response  and he should return to take reins of the party," he said.

Sonia Gandhi's ailment and her inability to focus on party's affairs due to health reasons are the chief reasons for the return of Rahul Gandhi. So, starting from January, Rahul Gandhi might be more active in the party affairs.
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