Rahul Gandhi Lashes out at BJP over NRC and NPR

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Violent protests and unrest can be seen across the nation against the Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA) with all the opposition parties opposing the controversial bill.AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi even tore the CAA bill copy in the parliament opposing the bill.

The BJP and Congress are blaming each other on the controversial bill. While the BJP party has termed Rahul as the "biggest liar of the country", he hit back at the saffron party over their allegations and said CAA is a "tax" on the poor people.

The Congress party has completed 135 years in politics. While addressing the gathering at this historic event, Rahul made some sensational statements.

"NCP and NRC will leave a big loss to the nation than the demonetization. With this process, a situation of whether the poor people belong to India or not rises in the nation," Rahul said.

Reportedly the NPR will kick start in April 2020 and last till September 30. This process is expected to be costing around 8,500 crores reportedly. Rahul Gandhi has a point here. The Indian Economy which is now witnessing a slow growth cannot survive an extra huge loss of 8,500 crores.
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