Viral: Rahul-Priyanka's Adorable Moment!

Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi shared a light-hearted moment when they bumped into each other at Kanpur Airport during their campaign trail. This is when the Congress President jokingly said, 'Let Me tell you what it means to be a good brother. I'm doing massive, massive long flights and going in a little helicopter...And My Sister is doing short flights and is going in a big helicopter'.

Quickly, Priyanka differed with her Brother - 'That's not true, I had an hour-long flight journey'.

Finally, Rahul ended the banter saying, 'But, I love her'. They both hugged each other before getting into the helicopters waiting for them.

The way Rahul and Priyanka had their arms on each other's shoulders showed the love and affection. Friendly Banter is always nice to have for bringing a smile on the faces. This Facebook Video of the Gandhi Scions was loved so much by the people of India. It received over two million likes on the official page of the Congress Chief itself in a short time.