Rahul! Stop Sulking, Save Congress State Governments

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Even as the Rahul Gandhi resignation drama is tormenting the Congress, here's another major crisis staring at the party. Three of the state governments, where the Congress is in power, are facing serious threats to their existence. The BJP is unfolding a major strategy to tighten the noose around the state governments in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and of course, the precariously positioned Karnataka. The state units are unable to fend fr themselves but, the Congress leadership is busy with a crisis of its own.

After a dismal performance in the Lok Sabha elections, the Congress-led coalitions are in existential crisis. The BJP has demanded that the Governor direct CM Kamal Nath to prove his majority on the floor of the house. Now, Kamal Nath is full time busy trying to protect his flock. He has asked his ministers to take care of five MLAs each. He is asking them to ensure that the MLAs under their control do not cross over to the BJP. In the 230 seat MP Assembly, Congress is short of the magic figure of 116 by two seats. He has cobbled up a coalition by taking in two BSP, one NCP and four independent MLAs. After this, the Lok Sabha elections happened and the BJP swept the state by winning 28 of the 29 MP seats. This left the Congress in a quandary.

Ditto with Rajasthan. In Rajasthan, the Congress could not win even a single MP seat. After the party lost its sheen, Gehlot's close associate Lal Chand Kataria resigned and went incognito. Another 25 MLAs have raised a banner of revolt. Now CM Gehlot and deputy CM Sachin Pilot rushed to Delhi to meet Rahul Gandhi. The BJP said it will do nothing to dethrone the Congress, but added that the government will fall on its own.

The situation in Karnataka is worse. BJP leader Yeddyurappa has been saying that the Congress government will fall in just a couple of days.  The Congress and the JDS are unable to protect their MLAs as many of them have openly revolted and said that they would join the BJP soon. Kumaraswamy is unable to jig the Cabinet for the fear of defections and desertions. Meanwhile, there is revolt brewing in Gujarat too. MLA Alpesh Thakore, who has just resigned the Congress and is all said to join the BJP, has said that at least 20 Congress MLAs are ready to leave the party. If these three states pass out of the hands of the Congress, the party will have only Chhattisgarh and Punjab with it. So, it's time that Rahul stops sulking and focuses on protecting state governments and the party.

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