Modi Is A Ferrari, I Am Just A Bicycle

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Can a cycle win a race with a Ferrari? A Ferrari is Ferrari and it moves so fast that it leaves bicycle far too behind. This was the explanation given by Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav when he was asked the rasons for his party's defeat. He said Modi was a Ferrari, while his party was a bicycle. Incidentally, bicycle is SP's election symbol.

The BJP had resources, money, muscle power and has arm-twisted institutions at will. It had a head-start in the election campaign, he said while explaining the SP rout. The SP and the Bahujan Samaj Party had formed a Maha Gath Bandhan to take on the BJP in Uttar Pradesh. They contested all seats but four in the state. But, when the votes were counted, the SP won just five and the BSP 10.

Explaining his party's poor performance,  he said Modi was all over the place. He was daily seen in the media. He was on TV, radio and the newspaper's front page. So, how can we defeat him, he asked the media persons. But, Akhilesh perhaps did not know about David and Goliath. Resourceless minnow David had defeated mighty Goliath. Minnows can decimate the mighty, but they should put up a fight first.