Raashi Khanna Stuns Everyone With Her Sassy Look!

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Raashi Khanna has turned the glamour tables from Oohalu Gusa Gusalade days and she is happy with hit status of Venky Mama & blockbuster status of Prathi Roju Pandage too.

The actress transformed her cute chubby looks to slim model and she is releasing new photos quite often.

She has gone slightly more glamorous in her new photo and in an unbuttoned shirt, she just looks stunningly sensuous and sassy as well.

The cute and bubbly girl of Telugu Cinema, shifted her focus to serious role for the first time in her career in World Famous Lover.

Already the film teaser made her character Yamini popular and the last punchline, is so famous that we don't have to say it out again. Film is coming out on Valentine's Day and brace yourselves for more updates from the actress in coming weeks.
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