RTC strike: Biggest success - largest failure

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It's the biggest success. But, it's also the greatest failure. Yes. We are talking of the RTC strike. The strike which continued for a record 52 days, is the longest strike ever by the RTC employees union. The RTC employees have never struck work this long. What more, over 30 employees have died during the period of the strike. Some have ended their lives and many others died due to cardiac stroke and stress.

But, this strike will also go down in the history as the greatest failure as it has not achieved anything.  It could not achieve any of the 40 demands put forth by the unions. The unions themselves have dropped their main demand – the demand to merge the RTC into the Government. It is perhaps the only agitation where the employees themselves called off the strike but the Government is refusing to take anyone back into the duty. Now the fate of the employees hangs in the balance.

Now the ball is in the  Labour Court, which is now hearing the case. If it declares the strike illegal, then the fate of 50000 employees would be in serious jeopardy. If the court declares the strike illegal, it would give a free hand to KCR to prune the organisation, lay off employees and completely eliminate the employees unions. Thus, what is the biggest success is also the greatest failure.
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