RTC refuses leave to Ashwatthama Reddy

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Poor Ashwatthama Reddy! Till a month ago, he was the head of the RTC unions JAC and everyone from politicians to the media hovered around him. He was the epicentre of the historic 56 day RTC agitation. But, today, no one bothers about him. No leader calls on him and the media has already forgotten him. Today, he is seen in the MGBS as the supervisor.

Soon after the agitation failed, the Government has decimated the unions and made the senior  union leaders to report to normal work like other RTC employees. The union leaders, who have never worked all these years and enjoyed the leadership, are finding it very difficult to adjust to the new situation, where they have to work like ordinary employees. Unable to bear the "insult" Ashwatthama Reddy reportedly applied for six months leave from the duty. But, the RTC officials have refused to grant him leave saying that the RTC had already suffered huge losses due to the agitation and that every employee should now work hard to bring the RTC back on rains.  So, Reddy has just two options – either to resign from the RTC or to work like other employees.

Meanwhile, most of the leaders of the RTC unions have been shunted out of Hyderabad and have been posted in remote areas. This is KCR's way of breaking the back of those opposing him.
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