RTC Strike: Panic in workers, confusion in leaders

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There is utter panic among the RTC employees as their 46-day long stir has completely failed and they have raised a white flag without achieving anything substantial. The Government has not given any exit route to the employees. The panic was palpable on Thursday as hundreds of RTC employees queued up in front of the RTC offices with a request to rejoin the duties. But, they were sent back by the officials, who said that they had no orders to take them back. There is confusion as there are reports that only a half of the 48000 employees would be taken back. And even these employees will have to give an undertaking that they would not participate in the union activities anymore.

On Thursday, across the state, there were no agitations by the RTC employees. Agitations were reported only from two places. Even in these two places, the CPI activists have led the protests. The RTC employees appeared thoroughly rattled by the complete failure of the agitation.

Meanwhile, there are reports that the RTC officials have begun the process of identifying the numberĀ  of posts needed to run the organisation. Sources said that only 24000 employees would be retained and the remaining would be removed from the service. They might be offered some financial package, according to sources.
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