RTC JAC convenor Aswathama Reddy calls for 'Chalo Tank Bund'

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The Telangana RTC workers have decided to go for a 'Chalo Tank Bund' as a protest to convince the government to accept their demands.

Telangana government is in no mood to discuss with the RTC workers on this issue. With no response coming from the government the RTC workers have called for this march.

Ashwathama Reddy, RTC JAC convenor has requested the RTC employees to join the protest and make it another Million March. ''We will consider holding Million March to press for our demands,'' he said.

The Million March held in 2011 at the Necklace Road has played a crucial role in gathering public support, during the Telangana Agitation.

Reportedly, Congress and BJP have decided to support the 'Chalo Tank Bund' protest.

Telangana government has made it clear that, if the RTC workers did not stop the strike they will go further with their plan of permitting the private bus operators to run the services in the remaining 5,000 routes too. If this decision gets implemented, RTC could never recover from it.

The High Court of Telangana announced that if the government did not take any measures in the RTC crisis, it will take the final call on the RTC strike.
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