Bandi Sanjay mishandled by Police

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The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has condemned the act of senior officials of Telangana police. The police have reportedly ‘manhandled’ MP Bandi Sanjay who participated in a peaceful march for the death of N Babu, TSRTC driver, who died of a cardiac arrest.

Reportedly, Babu’s son Sai Kiran has requested the police to allow them to keep his father’s mortal remains at the Karimnagar bus depot, where he has rendered his duties for so many years.

“My father loved his job very much. It was his desire to see his workplace before he left the world for good. He will rest in peace if his desire is fulfilled,” told Sai Kiran to Police.

 The BJP party has released a statement to condemn the act.

“BJP strongly condemns the high-handedness of the senior police officials in dealing with Karimnagar MP Bandi Sanjay who was participating in a peaceful march mourning the death of an RTC employee,” read the statement.

The BJP said that Bandi Sanjay participated in a silent march organized by the opposition parties mourning the death of TSRTC driver Babu. The police behaved reportedly “tough” while handling the protestors. “It’s unbecoming of police officers to act tough against opposition party leaders and people representatives, who are duty-bound to protest against anti-people decisions of the incumbent government,” said BJP.

According to the official reports, 40,000 RTC employees and opposition leaders and JAC leaders participated in a strike mourning the death of the RTC driver. Reportedly, the police behaved very rudely with the leaders and police allegedly slapped Bandi Sanjay. The BJP party has demanded the DGP to take proper action on the concerned police officer who behaved rudely with Bandi Sanjay.
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