RGV's publicity tactics getting too old?

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Ram Gopal Varma did not really try to make a stupendously good film in recent times like his early ones to talk about him in the vain of legends of Indian Cinema.

He believes he has nothing to offer more, one feels so, as he achieved his lifetime ambition of making a film with Amitabh Bachchan. Since, AAG he has been trying something or the other kind of stuff but nothing has any passion of old RGV, even though he says that he has put in similar efforts to his every film.

He lost so much of good will that he gained over years that people loath going to his film and other than a well publicised controversial film, nothing is even bringing audiences to theatres for him.

Even his first hero, Nagarjuna couldn't save him as Officer became a disaster that both would love to forget. And now, Amma Rajyam lo Kadapa Biddalu controversy helped the movie to get first day first show fulls at some places, but Beautiful did not even get critics excited.

Hardly, few members went to watch the film and the theatres are not even thinking twice before replacing his movies. His vodka party and kind off dance on stage, nothing really made anyone care about the film.

Even his publicity tactics seem to be getting too old and too familiar. RGV needs something to keep him going at all times, so he might just announce something to rake up a controversy before his next film.
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