RGV Danced Like Crazy And Then Touched Her Feet!

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Ram Gopal Varma can pull off anything and he will surely have a theory to say that he is absolutely right. He recently, danced like a mad man with Naina Ganguly.

The actress managed to keep her composer while he danced as a possessed person. Video went viral and many started asking why did he do so?

At Beautiful movie event, he just couldn't control his excitement and danced with her. The movie is directed by Augustya Manju, one of RGV's pupil, from his factory.

It is captioned as a tribute to Rangeela and it will release on 1st January. Now, the photo of him touching, Naina's feat is going viral.

He can do anything and pull off any kind off a stunt! Well, the actress was completely moved by his gesture, though.
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