RGV already ready with his most "uncontroversial film"!

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Ram Gopal Varma created an image for himself as a person who can do anything and will do everything for publicity. He can create a controversy out of thin air and let even haters talk more about it.

His latest exercise in gaining some buzz is to make Kamma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Reddlu. Movie directed by Siddharth Thatholu is ready to hit the theatres on 29th November.

It seems like a whirlwind, the team completed pre-production, production and post-production works. Mainly, their aim seems to be to make the film in least possible budget and then release it with some buzz to make it back.

Aiming jokes at the expense of Ex-CM Nara Chandra Babu Naidu and his son, Lokesh, the movie is a political satire about the 2-3 months of political campaigning and CM YS Jagan's Governing activities in Andhra Pradesh.

Movie has some satirical elements on Janasena president and actor, Pawan Kalyan too. With Ali, Brahmanandam, Ajmal and many more new actors who look original leaders, RGV is going for a controversial film while saying it is most uncontroversial one.

The latest poster is interesting as it shows YS Jagan character and NCBN character shaking hands in a side hug. We have to wait and see, how well did RGV and his team deliver on their promise of an enjoyable satire.
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