RGV Says He Loves Pawan Kalyan!

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It is shocking to hear that RGV can love someone as he himself said that he is incapable of showing such emotion towards anyone in his life. But he does have immense love and respect towards Sridevi.

The director believes in controversies so much he stopped making good films as he is completely addicted to the instant publicity that a controversy can gift him.

He made some sensational and controversial comments on Pawan Kalyan every time he can. He keeps doing so as PSPK fans react to him and he likes it.

During his recent Vodka with Heroine party, he said that he loves Pawan Kalyan more than anyone else and he swore it on Sridevi.

He explained that he swore it on Sridevi as he belives in beauty than God. If people don't believe it, then it is not his problem, it seems. He might be planning another film on Pawan Kalyan just like Amma Rajyam lo Kadapa Biddalu, let's keep on eye on him!
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