RGV Comes Out With Some Sensible Comments

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At Panjagutta Police Station, a woman burnt herself live in protest of no action taken on people who committed crime against her.

She alleged that a person named Praveen cheated her and she has no desire to live after that. Her name is reported as Lokeswari by police.

Ram Gopal Varma, who appeared to have really lost his mind in recent times at some events, as he behaved in an unparliamentary manner with some girls and his heroine, posted a sensible reaction to this incident.

Rather than trying to say that he will make a film on this and use it to his advantage, he wrote,

"Within days of the horrifying crime of DISHA’S rape and murder it’s even more horrifying that a woman burned herself to death at punjagutta police station ..Need to demand some hard answers from all concerned"

The director seems to have a softer side that still tries to come out sensible but the side which loves Vodka, might be forcing him to behave like that in public.

Anyways, woman who committed suicide in front of PS, should get justice and women shouldn't be feeling so alienated and helpless, that they take such horrifying and extreme decisions to get attention to their problems.
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