RGV Cancels His Plans To Go Against CBFC!

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Ram Gopal Verma seems to have not planned the Lakshmi's NTR release timing properly.

Had the movie finished all the work in February, itself, he could have had a big fat release by now. Just the opening would have ensured a good profit.

Also, whomever can benefit by his film, would have tried to publicise it and use it as a political weapon.

Now, the release of the film might only happen after April 11 and that would be a big problem.

Anyways, RGV decided to not fight against CBFC and we don't know his further plans. He just decided to not conduct the press meet and he did not announce any other details.

He tweeted,

'There has been an unfortunate misunderstanding between our office and the CBFC which has now been cleared ..The CBFC is now doing the necessary action as per the laid down procedure ..Hence our press meet against the CBFC is cancelled ..Jai NTR #LakshmiNTR'

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