RGV Asks To Cremate Him Besides Sridevi

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Ram Gopal Varma doesn't mince for words ever and he is happy to answer to a question in his own unique style. In a chat session with fans, he answered some lame and some good questions, with his own wit.

He said that he will not give up on being in the society or making movies just someone wants him to give up on them. He also commented that his movie, Enter The Girl Dragon is a tribute to woman, as it has an attractive woman with manly strength. He categorised both as the best qualities that will take humans forward.

He answered to a question saying that nobody should ask him about making his biopic. They should just do it as he did without asking permission from NTR or Lakshmi Parvathi or NCBN.

He asked people to cremate him besides Sridevi and if he has just one hour to live, he will spend time at her grave, which is a monument for him.

He dismissed Sashikala biopic as one of his 20 projects and announced that he will never make a biopic on Sridevi as making a movie about her will be tough. He opined that it will be hard to find another woman like Sridevi, ever.

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