Quo Vadis ... Pawan Kalyan?

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Which way Pawak Kalyan now? He has made quite an effort to cobble up a friendship with the BJP. He made some not so secret visits to Delhi and discussed the modalities of joining hands with the BJP in AP. BJP+ Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena would have become a good combination in AP.  He even posed with JP Nadda and BL Santosh to show the new-found bonhomie. Back in AP, he not only defended the BJP and even slammed the Communists.

Now, he is finding himself at the crossroads as there is an emerging friendship between the BjP and the YSRCP. AP CM and YSRCP chief YS Jagan was given a royal reception in Delhi and PM Modi had given him 100 minutes of time – something unheard of in the political circles these days. Also, there are indications that Jagan and the BJP might come closer and might work together on mutually important issues. With this, there are questions hovering around what would be the fate of Pawan Kalyan. Will he now stick with the BJP or not.

Recently, Pawan told a meeting that there was nothing wrong in the BJP and the YSRCP coming together, but he would not be a part of the alliance. The Jana Sena would be out of the alliance if YSRCP joins, he further said. Now that there are clear indications that the BJP and Jagan will work together, what will  Pawan Kalyan and his Jana Sena do now? Will he go back to Chandrababu Naidu or will he stay alone and fight the next elections all  alone? Let's wait and see how the things unfold.
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