Puri Tries To Seize The Moment With Mahesh!

Puri Jagannath announced back in 2015 after Temper success that he wants to complete crime trilogy with Mahesh after Pokiri, Business Man with Jana Gana Mana.

He also said that the actor is ready to give him the dates and it won't take six years like Business Man after Pokiri to be made.

But seven years have passed since, Business Man and Puri is in no position to put any sort of pressure on Mahesh to get his script made.

Still, with Nation wide sentiment against Pakisthan and pro-war, he tried to seize the moment and tweeted,

Dutch, French, British... Eppudoo Evedevadoo Akraminchukovadamena? Aa Pani Manamenduku Cheyatamledu? Eppudu EE Indians Meda Padipotharo ani Migatha Desalu Bayapaduthu Chavali..

( Why should always India be at the receiving end of invaders like Dutch, French, British? Indians should be able to be so aggressive that they fear even hearing the name of India and why can't India invade them or infuse such fear in them?)


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Fans of Mahesh want their hero back in Puri style reckless action hero avatar but Mahesh lacks trust in Puri Jagannath. Hence, the script is lagging behind and project isn't moving forward.

The way Mahesh becoming choosy and circumspect, he won't be giving Puri, his wish unless he delivers a string of hits.

While Puri is asking for War with Pakisthan but didn't he talk about love and peace with same nation in his son's film, Mehbooba, in a harsh way?!