Puri Asks Modi To Do The Right Thing

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All of a sudden Prominent Personalities from Telugu States are preaching PM Modi what to do and what not to do. The other day, It was Upasana who questioned why South Film Fraternity weren't invited for the interactive session at his residence. And now, Puri Jagannath asked PM if single-use plastic is really a problem.

In the open letter addressing Modi, Puri reminded plastic was considered as a boon to mankind when it was invented in the 60s. He suggests recycling of single- use plastic instead of imposing a ban on it. The Filmmaker recommends Centre to offer incentives for those people who abide by the guidelines.

Puri believes plastic has become a threat to the mankind due to the lazy attitude and irresponsibility. He says, Ban on plastic leads to deforestation because of the increased usage of paper. It's time to create awareness among the public about the utilisation of plastic in a sensible manner.

Good to see Prominent Personalities hailing from Telugu States come up with thought provoking suggestions to the PM. What will Modi do now?
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