Puri Jagannath Finally Relieved Off Financial Burden

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Puri Jagannath after Temper did not give a hit and the actors seem to have distanced him. But he found NBK for Paisa Vasool and his own son for Mehbooba.

The director failed to register hits with both and Mehbooba made him lose more money on a film than he ever did as a producer.

So, his Ismart Shankar became a make or break film for him. The movie became a blockbuster and he is into profits already.

He and Charmee, as partners saw their first success in production. Puri would have had to sell a property to recuperate from the losses had Ismart Shankar failed.

But the movie profits have given him hope to move on with big plans and Charmee is already looking at a big line-up. Puri Jagannath now wants to relax with his family and then look for a new hero with a new script.