Puri Is Trying Hard, But ...!

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We don't have any intentions of throwing mud and we don't encourage such behaviour too. But we have reflect on what we observe and that is the only way, we present our news & views.

Puri Jagannadh with Ismart Shankar success, is trying to make his name resound again. He is commenting on heores, making bold statements and even having fun by going around the two states to thank his fans.

Out of 10 films, his one film worked and he is making it echo more to make it look like he has been there but others did not recognise him.

Well, the movie did not show that Puri Jagannadh understood how to triumph Idiot and Pokiri style to evolve again. He tried the same all the time and this time Ram, Nabha Natesh could make it work with Mani Sharma's able aid.

He seems to have understood stars are looking beyond him but even Tier-2 are not trying for him. Industry in a way is looking for new directors and his commercial formula worked in a market when niche films are coming out more and more.

Puri is trying to save this as his comeback but Industry is looking at it as his survival tactic than a believable turn of events. Let's see if he can prove them wrong with his next films.