Trailer Talk: Psycho - Mind Bending Visual Tribute To Classic!

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Psycho directed by Alfred Hitchcock is regarded as one of the classics of Cinema and it is said to be a must watch for people who work in films and who appreciate them as well.

Every director wants to give their own tribute to the classic by taking the elements in it. Majorly, the film is still regarded as a classic because of the visuals, Hitchcock managed to craft in 1960's, very early days of filmmaking.

He created a genre for horror films and thrillers with his films. People today, mostly follow his footsteps and continue to try mix gore with horror like him.

In Indian Cinema, RGV tried hard to go close to Hitchcock style in his horror and thriller films. But he could only do so in one or two films, effectively.

Now, director of Detective, Pisachi, Mysskin decided to give a tribute in his own distinctive style. The trailer of his latest movie, Psycho looks like a big tribute to old classic with mind bending visuals.

Even horror can be poetry in motion, he seems to be proving that with his film. He took Ilaiyaraja to score music for his film and the BGM complimented the visuals like never before.

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