Proud Of Him..Wish He Returns Safely: Abhinandan's Father

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Suspense continues over the precent condition of IAF Pilot Vikram Abhinandan who is in the custody of Pakistan Army. #BringBackAbhinandan and #BringAbhinandanBack hashtags has gone viral on the Social Media.

In the video released by Pakistan Army, Vikram Abhinandan refused to share any confidential information about the country. Indians treat him as a braveheart upon watching the video and wish to see him comeback.

Vikram Abhinandan's Father Vardhaman: 'By God's grace, My Son is still alive. He is a true soldier. Deserves appreciation for the courage he has shown inspite of being in Pakistan Army custody. We are proud of him. Praying to god that Pak Army won't torture Abhinandan. Wish he returns home safely. Grateful to those who are praying for Abhinandan's safe return'.

Kamal Haasan spoke to Vikram Abhinandan's Father over the phone: 'I am unaware of how to console people with will power like you. The whole nation is behind you in this tough times. Confident that Pakistan too have soldiers with ethics and Vikram Abhinandan returns home safely'.
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