Production House Spreads Negativity About The Hero!

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The news of a certain production house spreading negativity on their hero is doing a lot of rounds on social media recently. As the competition is getting tougher with each passing day, there is a heavy discussion over the release date of these films. Though the hero is interested in one day, the production house fixed another date and started doing publicity too. But the hero is in no mood to listen to them and producers giving such leaks to media shows the stubbornness of both.

The talk among distributors is that they backed out of the race due to fear and this made the hero angry. He is pushing the producers to release the film on the same day while the producers are showing zero interest. We need to see who wins this battle. Industry insiders are whispering that issues like these should be solved among themselves but spreading negative news is beyond the limits.

When big films release at the same time, competition is unavoidable and people planning to get good box-office numbers is quite common and so are the differences in opinions. Four films are coming this Sankranti and better planning is necessary. But conversations during casual discussions coming out like this is raising a lot of eyebrows.
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