Producers are not really serious about Amazon Prime!

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Digital streaming rights are fetching above 5 crores to Star hero films and close to 2-3 crores to a decent budgeted film.  With such an investment, digital rights holders are not holding back from releasing the movie they bought on their streaming platform within 3-4 weeks.

Producers Council of Telugu Cinema said they have agreed for 8 weeks lock-in period for any film and digital platform owners have to inform the team before debuting their film for streaming, then said Council.

But those rules are now not being applied strictly by any producer and council is silent on it. Recently, Operation Gold Fish, Chanakya films have been made available on Amazon Prime within 2-3 weeks of their release.

Movies might have failed but 8 weeks lock-in period rule wasn't honored by the team or by Prime. Even Saaho producers let the film play on streaming sites within 50 days of its release date.

We cannot blame Amazon Prime, Netflix or Sun Next, Hotstar or Zee5. These are streaming platforms that are actively buying content and Sun Next, Zee5 and Hotstar are digital platforms of broadcast giants like Sun TV, Zee TV & Star. Hence they care of both of their interests - Satellite and Digital.

But the problem arises with Prime and Netflix as streaming giants offer big price and ask for a shorter window to make it available on their platforms post release. While Netflix seals the deal so air tight that you cannot find an escape, Prime who seemed flexible, became more of an issue, now.

Council seems to be finding it hard to bringing everyone of the producer on one word as some of them are looking at these digital streaming rights as the means of 'true profit' and 'necessary income' source that will bail their film out from a tricky release-less situation.

At this point, like always, one feels Producers lack unity and a system to bail out & help each other as an Industry to really follow such rules. With everyone going on their own, audiences are finding it hard to go to a theatre.

They can just wait for 4 weeks to watch a film and over a weekend, they keep score of what all films they have to watch and stream them. Once, they watch them, they are again springing up conversation about the film on social media in positive or negative vain.

This kind of a trend will kill Satellite market as the people who watch the film on TV will reduce and going further, it will hurt even big films until the producers sell the digital rights to Satellite giants along with TV broadcast rights.

Well, these kind of steps will kill a golden goose for many producers which they seem to not care about.
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