Producer alleged that "Hero" as reason for Anjali's downfall

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Anjali grew in popularity with Shopping Mall, Mankatha/Gambler, Journey films in Telugu which lead to her lead role in Seethamma Vakitlo Srimalle Chettu.

The Tamil versions of the above mentioned films made a star actress but she couldn't maintain that success rate in Tamil or in Telugu.

Nandakumar, the producer who produced Balloon film with her, alleged that it is Jai who spoilt her career.

He said that because of Jai's recklessness Anjali also suffered a lot in her career. It is him who made her look lazy and temperamental in front of other filmmakers, he commented.

He further said in a bashing tone that Jai was never serious about his craft after earning name and he made sure that even Anjali followed the same suite.

Nandakumar stated that he is not blindly alleging someone and said that we can take how recklessly Jai asked for two separate rooms in a Five Star Hotel in Kodaikanal and stayed in Anjali's room throughout the shoot causing Rs.12,000 loss per day, as an example.

He also said that it is due to the actor's influence, Anjali earned the bad name for reporting late on sets and for being moody on sets too.

After their break-up Anjali is preferring to stay in Hyderabad even though she has more films in Tamil. May be she is staying away from her "bad influence" like the producer said. Until Jai clarifies on these allegations we can just assume things!

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