A Tamil Producer Alleges Nayantara As Too "Selfish"!

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Tamil Producers can make an actor god or goddess and similarly, they can even come out and talk about them in a very bad manner alleging them about being too selfish or too money-minded.

One Tamil producer read out list like SS Rajamouli did when he talked about Sridevi's exclusion from Baahubali film. Rajamouli said that he had to pay Sridevi 2-3 crores more than her remuneration through out the shoot time with all the "additional requests" she made for her staff and travelling arrangements.

Similarly, a producer listed out things that Nayantara demands to work in a film other than remuneration. He said that she takes highest remuneration and with that she also demands Rs. 80,000 for her staff per day.

Also, she even sends the diesel bills and driver charges during the shooting days to producers to clear, it seems.

He said that all this increases the expenditure of a movie and she should be taking care of her own staff and travelling charges as she gets an easy Rs. 4-5 crores remuneration from a producer.

Well, many actors majorly heroines face these allegations all the time and producers say that they will control these miscellaneous expenditure but end up spending more on them!

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