Pro-TDP TV Channel Tries To Get Pally With YS Jagan

It is now almost certain that the YSRCP is all set to sweep Andhra Pradesh. This has been shown repeatedly in most pre-poll surveys. Even the national channels confirmed this. Though exit polls too have been conducted, they cannot be made public till May 19. But, some TV channels, which conducted exit polls, have been leaking the details of their surveys to major politicians. One such popular TV channel, which had followed an anti-Jagan line all through, too had got a post-poll survey conducted. According to the details, the YSRCP might win anything between 98 and 102 and thus form the Government.

Coming as it is from a decidedly pro-TDP channel, this news has great salience. The channel too seems to have felt which way the wind is blowing and is slowly adjusting its sails. This channel has given the report to YS Jagan. It is now trying to be pally with Jagan and is trying to please YSRCP. The report reportedly gave information at the constituency level and showed their projections for each constituency.